Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rafe'ah's Family and Dream Job


June  17, 2011
            My father is farmer. My sisters said that my father is bad and stingy. He is as step father. But, I think he is very humble. I like him. He is pious. He is not bad, but calm and doesn’t wont to know problem and blot other people. He is not stingy too, but he must arrange money for our family. He is ever didn’t have money again cause he is help his brother whose ill. Whereas My mother is a handy craft. If she got many order from consumer, then she will always over time work. I am proud with my mother. Sometime I was pity to see her too. But she likes with her job. Em...! Great.

I have two sisters and one brother. My family are a simple. I have many cousins. I have four nephews and one niece. Although I don’t married yet but I will adopted child. Because children make me happy.

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT1N_Mf8vwTqOa2EgXYUaOwXiKIN6aourxRjHK4ygST29u9q9KhUQhttp://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT1N_Mf8vwTqOa2EgXYUaOwXiKIN6aourxRjHK4ygST29u9q9KhUQI like write short story and I am ever follow competition. Now, I am a typist in Senior High School number two. Actually I am a programmer.

At my teenager, I lived at my uncle’s house in Pontianak city. My uncle has two children. He is very wise. His children at first a lawyer and the second a nurse.

        I don’t want my life useless, than I will open job vacancy. I want to open shop. In this shop, I will sell clothes, shoes, bag, and need the other life. So that, my family or the other people don’t need again look for jobs. They can work in my shop. I am very attracted in field this because my big family have company in field this and they have got success. 

Example My brother’s, he have much money because his company in field trade. And then my uncle’s and my aunt’s, they are capable went pilgrimage and bought new car cause they have company in field trade too. Now day, my uncle’s had built outlet around Pontianak city. I am jealous to them and I want to be like them. 

Then I want to open company in trade it too.  And I  have experience in field this since class one junior high school until graduated in Academic management Information and Computer Panca Bhakti Pontianak. 

I am very happy and I am very enjoyable. In there we get new customer, new friend and we can arrange our company alone without order by manager. Different if we work in company other people, we are always get order. 

If we have company alone, then we will became manager it J. But I don’t want to let loose my work that now. Because it is to be my dream job too since junior high school. And now, I have got it. I like job it. I want to servant for my country too. Because I love my country…!!! J J J
Good Luck!

Great Progress! (Mr. Ridho, comment)
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Miss Rafeah's Introduction

My name is Rafeah. I have two sisters and one brother. I am the youngest of four children. All of my brother and sisters married and had children. Just me don’t married yet. They are very well and very friendly. My character very different with my family. I am very sensitive. If my family or other people said crude, then I feel they didn’t like to me L

Sometime I feel very happy and to joke in front of my friends. But sometimes I feel very sad. Moreover if I am left by some one. Oh My Go….d!!! I am very sad. My habit bad is fasting mount, I am very lazy to wake up to have sahur. I am always late to have sahur. So, I don’t have time to eat. Although like that, but I didn’t lose spirit to activity. Em…! I have character well too. I am friendly. But, if I bad mood, I became little arrogant J.  I am merciful and likes friends.

Whereas My Father is wise and very calm. He is different with my mother. Sometimes, My mother likes angry. If she was angry, then be prepared to cover the ears. She will not stop angry before satisfied.  But my mother is very humble, friendly, and likes give money to me J.  My Family are very fun.

I and  my family live in different places. I live in Mempawah. My Brother and sisters in Pontianak.Whereas my parents in the Kubu Raya Regency. I am always miss them. The most exciting day for our family at the celebration of feast day. Because we can all get together  at our parents’ house. Then we will very happy.My hobby is reading, that are : newspaper, magazine, short story, etc. But, sometimes I like sport.

Smiley Face: June 15, 2011
Good Job! (Mr. Ridho, comment)
Now, I  have been working in Mempawah since 1 March 2010. In here, I live in my relative’s house. I am from Kubu Raya Regency. I am very glad to meet my best friend’s because they are give me spirit for solution. J
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Miss Rizky Educations


Mempawah, 27th, of June 2011
If you want to know about my education, nothing really special around it. When I was 5 years old, I went to Bhayangkari Kindergarten which is next to my grandfather’s house. The thing that I’ve always remembered until now is ‘the killer teacher’. I think a kindergarten teacher don’t need to be cruel like step mother, they must be patient and treat us like their own child.

I entered elementary school at the age of 6. I went to Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Teladan Bawamai. At the age of 12, I entered Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri 1 Pontianak. I think, when I was in junior high school, it was a very fun moment, better than elementary school or senior high school. I had so many funny friends when I was in there.

Three years later, I went to one of popular state school in Pontianak, it is SMUN 3. My two brothers, both of them entered the same school with me. I chose IPS/Social Science, because I like to study geography, history and tata negara.

After passing my education in senior high school, I went to Bandung. I entered Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (University of Education Indonesia). I chose geography in Faculty of Social Science Education. My difficulty when I studied there was the language, it is sundanese.

Eventhough , I enjoyed many moments in there, the lecturer, the people, friends, and the situation of campuss. I met my husband in the campuss, we were in the same program.   
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Miss Rizky Self Introduction

By Miss Rizky


Mempawah/15th of June 2011. Assalamu’alaikum. Hello everybody ^_^. I want to introduce myself. My name is Rizki Rahayu, my nick name is Rizki and my family call me ‘Iqi’. I think my name is very common, not very special. Later, someday if I have a child, I will give him/her a unique name, but sorry… ican’t mention it… in this ‘public’ media, may be you will like it and take the name…he…he.. you wish!

I was born in Pontianak on 17th of April 1984, that means my age is 27 now, but actually I look like a senior high school student ^_^ My husband is an entrepreneur, he sales water in our rent house. He has a unique or… I think weird name exactly. His name is Lalang. My husband is sundanese from Garut, West Java.

I think I am a kind of phlegmatic-melancholic person. Sometimes I can be very lazy. If you come to my house I will be very shy because my house always messy and it is caused by me ‘ a messy person’. I don’t need to be proud to mention it!

Sometimes I do very hard to myself, shout to my heart for leaving the bad habbit, but I do effortless. My dreams are high but with little effort. I am very easy to be down, feeling useless.

I think, I have many talents but ussualy I’m not confident. I like to sing also, listening to 80’s song, my favourite bands are Duran Duran and Alphaville, also Muse. My another hobbies are watching movie and cooking.

Mempawah/17th of June 2011.
Hello again! It’s me! The dreamy one… .
You know, I like listening music and I always like violin to hear. I am influenced by Vanessa Mae a violinist. The first time I heard her music it was so beautiful. I have imagined to be a violinist since I was kid and until now I am still dreaming to become a violinist. May be, I’ll play Islamic music or shalawat beautifully with my violin. But the chance is not coming yet… .

Besides, I have another dream job, to become a chef. I think a chef is very cool, can cook with high ability and artfully. In my opinion, someone who becomes a chef must be very talented person. I like to watch Korean movies which show about chefs for example ‘Dae Jang Geum’ and ‘Pasta’. It makes my desire to become a chef higher. I like to watch ‘Master Chef Indonesia’ too. Sometimes I think and wondering why I didn’t take cooking lecture or cooking course in the past time.

I never thought to become a stewardess, porter, judge, lawyer or clerk. But, I think soldier, tailor, journalist, designer, entrepreneur, lecturer, are interesting professions. 


Mempawah, 18th of June 2011
Today, when I came to Kampoenk Jenius, suddenly my instructor Mr. As’ad asked me to be junior instructor. I was surprised, but actually I haven’t felt good until now, because I don’t want to be junior instructor among friends and older student.

Fortunately, the member of my group are younger. But I’m still feeling uncomfortable, because I don’t want to teach here, everyday I teach in school, if I teach in this place too then I’ll feel bored. My students are teenager. Their names are Titin, Merry and Fani. I think they are smart students. Titin uses veil, Merry and Fani have long hair. Titin and Fani are taller than Merry.

I think Titin doesn’t feel good to study today, because she is feeling sorry for her friend who has a problem. Then she has lack concentration. Fani has better concentration and attention than Titin. But Fani didn’t come yesterday, so we need to repeat our lesson about Jobs and Professions.
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Udin's Interest

My Favorite Food
There are so many kinds of foods. We can find them easily. We can get them in restaurant, coffee shop, supermarket, etc. we can also make them by ourselves.

There are Sundanese foods, Javanese foods, Chinese foods, Japanese foods, and so on.
I prefer to regional foods, Sundanese and Javanese foods. They are also called traditional foods, such as rujak, ketoprak, lumpia and all kinds of gorengan.

I also like fried rice, fried noodle, chicken porridge, fried chicken, and so on.
My most favorite food is a bread. Why bread..?? Because, in my opinion, beside bread make us be satisfied (full), a bread is also good for our health. Because, a bread usually contains milk, wheat, egg, and other useful ingredients.

My Experience in Cilengkrang
Indonesia is the country that famous with its beautiful scenery. Beside because of its natural resources, Indonesia is famous with its beautiful nature. I ever enjoy it.

One Sunday, I and some of my friends went toCilengkrang. It is located in Kuningan, West Java. It is near from Ciremai Mountain. I saw a beautiful scenery there. On the top, there are two waterfalls. The one is higher than the other.

Cilengkrang is not too famous. Therefore, the price of the ticket is not too expensive. We just must pay 5000 rupiahs to get in. it include the insurance.

We were very happy there. We took a picture with the waterfall as a background. It was so amazing!
But, we were also very tired. Because for some of us, it was the first e
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Udin' Self

My Self
My name is Muhammad Najmuddin. I am nineteen years old. Generally, I am a shy boy. Some people said that I am kind and honest.. ^_^.
Actually, I am ugly, but I always try to be confident. I am also a calm boy. My friends said that I am pious, because I always got a high score in PAI (religion lesson)
I am almost never be angry, because I always try to be patient. I always bury what I am feeling in my heart.
My hobbies are reading, playing football, chatting, and so on. I am a juventini,, same as Mr. Indra. Beside that, I am also a Liverpudlian.
That’s me. ^_^
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Yayan's Education

By Yayan

I had studie kinderganten since 1998 until 1999 is best of the best than others kindergarsens.

After I finished in the kinder ganten I had elementry school since 1999 until 2005 alwys I studied in elementry school I had gotten many experiences

After I finished in elementry  school  I had been junior high school since 2006 until 2009 in the junior high school I first love.he made me emagen he made me laought a lone and I got her to be month I had up.
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My family

I live together with 10 peoples we live together to happy my fathers job is a entrepreneur my mother job is a houswife my father name is sawanta and my mother name is rukayah they are parents a good

I have two older brothers his name are a muhammad imron rasdy, and wahyudi his a older brother goods muhammad imron rosadi works in PLN and wahyudi works in a garmer in cirebon.

I have five younger brothers they are all school younger brother number one school at smk perjuangan 1 cirebon he a then grack stars my younger brother number  two  at SMP N 1 Kedawung he is a eight great class my younger brother number three school at sd panembahan 1 crb is name syahdana.
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My family

By Yayan

I live together with 10 peoples we live together to happy my fathers job is a entrepreneur my mother job is a houswife my father name is sawanta and my mother name is rukayah they are  a good parent.

I have two older brothers his name are a muhammad imron rasdy, and wahyudi his a older brother goods muhammad imron rosadi works in PLN and wahyudi works in a garmer in cirebon.

I have five younger brothers they are all school younger brother number one's school is SMK Perjuangan 1 cirebon he a then grack stars my younger brother number  two  at smp negri 1 kedawung he is a eight grate class my younger brother number three school at sd panembahan 1 crb is name syahdana .
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My pet

I don’t have pet, but if one day I have  pet, I want  hamster to e my pet.because hamster is very cute, funny, little sweet, easy for grippy.

If one day I have hamster, I want my hamster color is white, blue. May be blue is impossible, but it is just my imagination.

I wanna have hamster with combination color, between white and blue. Because I like blue.

If my pet has stayed in my home one month, I will bring it out for looking environment and introduce it to m friends in place I study.

I am happy and very happy if I  can brimg my hamster wherever I go. And always tell everything to it. 
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